Our story
We’ve been friends since we met in school 11 years a go and also have also had a professional relationship for the past 5 years. After leaving school, we embarked on our own journeys which resulted in both of starting and maintaining our own successful businesses. We collaborate together to bring you The Full-Time Blogger.

Fisayo Longe

Fashion and Travel Blogger at Mirror Me and Creative Director of KAI Collective. Fisayo has collaborated with brands such as Google, John Lewis, ASOS, YOOX Net-a-Porter group, Four Seasons Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel and more. She was nominated by Instyle UK as the 2016 Travel and Lifestyle Blogger of the Year.

Maya Virdee

Founder and Creative Director of Find Creative. After being educated in graphic design and teaching herself web development, Maya founded Find Creative which is now an internationally recognised design studio. She has worked on projects for big companies such as Uber and Telstra as well as a number of political campaigns.